How much money do freelancers make?

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How much money do freelancers make?

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by columbus_cummerata , 10 months ago


The amount of money freelancers make can vary widely depending on several factors such as their level of experience, the industry they work in, the demand for their services, and the region they are based in.

Some freelancers may earn a relatively low income, especially when starting out or working in less lucrative fields. On the other hand, highly skilled and experienced freelancers, particularly in fields like software development, design, writing, or consulting, can earn substantial incomes.

According to a survey conducted by Freelancer's Union, the average hourly rate for freelancers in the United States in 2020 was around $31, but this can vary significantly based on different factors.

Ultimately, the income of a freelancer is highly variable and can range from a modest part-time income to a high-paying full-time career.