How to download stock data from matlab?

How to download stock data from matlab?

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by julius.brown , 3 months ago


To download stock data from MATLAB, you can use the Datafeed Toolbox which provides tools for importing and working with financial data. Here is a general outline of the steps you can take to download stock data from MATLAB:

  1. Open MATLAB and ensure that you have the Datafeed Toolbox installed.
  2. Use the command datafeed to access the financial data feed services.
  3. Use the command fetch to download the stock data you need. For example, you can fetch historical stock prices for a specific company by specifying the stock symbol and the date range.
  4. Save the downloaded data to a variable for further analysis or visualization.

Here is an example code snippet to download stock data for Apple Inc. from Yahoo Finance:

d = datafeed('yahoo');
c = 'AAPL'; % Stock symbol for Apple Inc.
start_date = '01-Jan-2019';
end_date = '31-Dec-2019';

data = fetch(d, c, start_date, end_date, 'd');

This code snippet will download historical daily stock prices for Apple Inc. from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. You can modify the stock symbol, start date, and end date as needed to download data for different companies and time periods.

Note that you may need to have a valid license or subscription to access certain financial data feed services in MATLAB.