How to rent apartments in Paris?


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Renting an apartment in Paris can be a complex process, but by following these steps, you can make it easier:

  1. Determine your budget: Set a realistic budget and consider additional expenses like utilities, maintenance fees, and insurance.
  2. Research neighborhoods: Paris has 20 unique districts or arrondissements, each with its own character and charm. Research the neighborhoods to find the one that suits your preferences and lifestyle.
  3. Start your search: Use online platforms like Airbnb,, or specialized rental websites to search for apartments available for short-term or long-term rent in Paris. You can also consider contacting real estate agencies or using classified ads websites like Leboncoin or
  4. Understand rental terms: Pay attention to the rental terms, including the monthly rent, security deposit required (usually one to three months' rent), agency fees (if applicable), lease duration, and any specific conditions.
  5. Prepare necessary documents: Be ready to provide documents such as proof of income, ID/passport, bank statements, and a French guarantor (if required). If you don't have a guarantor, consider using a service like GarantMe, which acts as a guarantor for a fee.
  6. Schedule visits: Contact the landlords or agencies to schedule apartment visits. Be prepared for a competitive rental market, where popular apartments can be rented quickly. It's advised to start your search well in advance.
  7. Visit and inspect apartments: When visiting an apartment, thoroughly inspect it for any damages or maintenance issues. Take pictures or videos as evidence, and ask questions about the building's amenities, maintenance responsibilities, and neighborhood facilities.
  8. Negotiate and sign the lease: If you're interested in a particular apartment, negotiate the rental terms, such as rent reduction or furniture inclusion. Once you're satisfied, sign the lease agreement, making sure to understand all clauses and conditions before signing.
  9. Arrange utilities and insurance: Contact utility providers (electricity, gas, water) to set up accounts in your name. Additionally, consider getting rental insurance to protect your belongings.
  10. Complete administrative procedures: After moving in, ensure you complete necessary administrative procedures like registering with the local town hall (Mairie) and opening a bank account if required.

Remember, renting an apartment in Paris can be competitive and time-consuming, so patience and thoroughness are crucial. It's recommended to use trusted sources and consult with locals or expatriate communities for further guidance on specific neighborhoods and rental processes.