How to set up and manage Shopify wholesale pricing?


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How to set up and manage Shopify wholesale pricing?

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To set up and manage wholesale pricing on Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Wholesale Channel: Go to the Shopify admin dashboard and click on "Sales Channels" in the left-hand menu. Then, click on the "Wholesale" tab and follow the instructions to enable the Wholesale Channel.
  2. Create Wholesale Pricing: Once the Wholesale Channel is enabled, click on the "Wholesale" tab again and select "Pricing" from the sub-menu. Here, you can create a new pricing group for your wholesale customers by clicking on the "Add pricing group" button. Set the price rules and discounts specific to your wholesale customers.
  3. Assign Wholesale Customers: Under the "Wholesale" tab, select "Customers" from the sub-menu. Here, you can assign specific customers to your wholesale pricing group. Add customers manually, or import a CSV file if you have a large customer list.
  4. Manage Minimum Order Quantities: To set minimum order quantities for your wholesale orders, navigate to the "Wholesale" tab and click on "Products" from the sub-menu. Select the product you want to set a minimum order quantity for and click on the "Edit" button. Scroll down, and under "Wholesale pricing," you can enter the minimum order quantity for that specific product.
  5. Display Wholesale Prices: To display wholesale prices on your storefront, you can create a separate wholesale collection and set the pricing rule to your wholesale customer group. This way, only registered wholesale customers will see the discounted prices.
  6. Set Payment and Shipping Terms: Under the "Wholesale" tab, click on "Payment" or "Shipping" from the sub-menu. Here, you can set up specific payment and shipping terms for your wholesale customers, such as offering Net 30 payment terms or a separate shipping rate for wholesale orders.

Remember to regularly review and update your wholesale pricing, customer list, and minimum order quantities as your business evolves.