How to set up and run promotions in Shopify?

How to set up and run promotions in Shopify?

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by kay.wiza , 6 months ago


To set up and run promotions in Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Go to the "Marketing" section in the Shopify admin dashboard.
  3. Click on "Promotions."
  4. Click on the "Create promotion" button.
  • Promotion types: Choose the type of promotion you want to create, such as a discount or a free shipping offer.
  • Promotion details: Provide a name for your promotion and select the conditions and rules for the promotion, such as the discount amount, minimum purchase requirements, and the products/collections to apply the promotion to.
  • Promotion availability: Set the start and end dates for the promotion, and choose who can use it (e.g., everyone or specific customer groups).
  1. After setting up the promotion details, click on "Save" to create the promotion.

Once the promotion is set up, it will be active on your store during the specified dates. Customers will be able to use the discount code, or the promotion will be automatically applied if it meets the specified conditions.

To see the performance of your promotions, you can go to the "Marketing" section and view the "Promotions" tab. It will display metrics like the number of times the promotion was used, the revenue generated, and the conversion rate.

Remember to promote your promotions to your customers through various channels like email marketing, social media, or even pop-ups on your website to generate more interest and increase conversions.