What companies offer personal loans?

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What companies offer personal loans?

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There are many companies that offer personal loans. Some of the well-known companies include:

  1. Wells Fargo
  2. Chase Bank
  3. Discover
  4. Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  5. SoFi
  6. LendingClub
  7. Prosper
  8. Avant
  9. Upstart
  10. Rocket Loans
  11. Earnest
  12. LightStream
  13. Citibank
  14. Navy Federal Credit Union (for military members)
  15. USAA (for military members and their families)

Please note that availability and terms may vary depending on factors such as creditworthiness and location. It's always advisable to research and compare loan options from multiple lenders before making a decision.