What is a credit card balance transfer check?

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What is a credit card balance transfer check?

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A credit card balance transfer check, also known as a balance transfer check or simply BT check, is a financial instrument provided by credit card companies that allows cardholders to transfer balances from one credit card to another. It is typically a paper check that can be used to pay off the outstanding balance on one credit card account and transfer it to another credit card account.

Cardholders can use a balance transfer check to consolidate their credit card debt or take advantage of a promotional offer, such as a low or 0% interest rate for a specified period. By transferring their balances to a new credit card with a lower interest rate, cardholders can potentially save money on interest charges and pay off their debts more quickly. However, it is important to review the terms and conditions of the balance transfer offer, including any fees or interest rates that may apply.