What is a cross-chain swap?

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What is a cross-chain swap?

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A cross-chain swap refers to the ability to exchange one cryptocurrency that operates on one blockchain network with another cryptocurrency that operates on a different blockchain network. It allows users to convert their holdings from one blockchain ecosystem to another directly, without the need for intermediaries or centralized exchanges.

Cross-chain swaps rely on technology known as interoperability protocols or decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to facilitate the exchange. These protocols enable smart contracts or atomic swaps, which ensure that the swap is carried out securely and transparently. By using these protocols, users can exchange tokens or assets between different blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, without relying on a centralized platform to hold and manage their funds.

Cross-chain swaps have the potential to enhance liquidity, accessibility, and efficiency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as they eliminate the need for users to rely solely on a single blockchain network for their transactions. They also allow for a greater variety of token trading pairs and enable the utilization of specific features or benefits offered by different blockchain networks.