What is a cup and handle pattern?


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What is a cup and handle pattern?

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A cup and handle pattern is a technical chart pattern that resembles the shape of a cup with a handle. It is a bullish continuation pattern that typically occurs during an uptrend and signifies a potential continuation of the previous bullish trend.

The pattern is formed by a rounded bottom (the cup) followed by a small consolidation or retracement (the handle) before the price breaks out to new highs. The cup portion usually takes the form of a U-shape, while the handle is more of a slight downward slope or consolidation.

Traders often consider the cup and handle pattern as a signal for a potential buying opportunity. The breakout from the handle area is seen as a confirmation of the bullish trend, and traders may enter long positions at this point.

It is important to note that not all cup and handle patterns lead to successful bullish continuations. Traders should always analyze other indicators and factors to validate the pattern before making trading decisions.