What personal loan lenders use experian?

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What personal loan lenders use experian?

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by fred.nader , 10 months ago


There are multiple personal loan lenders that use Experian as one of their credit bureaus for credit reporting and assessing borrower eligibility. Some of the prominent lenders that may use Experian include:

  1. Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  2. SoFi
  3. Discover Personal Loans
  4. LendingClub
  5. Prosper
  6. Avant
  7. LightStream
  8. Upgrade
  9. Best Egg
  10. OneMain Financial

Please note that specific lenders may use other credit bureaus, in addition to Experian, or may use different credit bureaus depending on the location and other factors. It's always advisable to directly check with individual lenders to confirm which credit bureaus they utilize.