What state is best to buy a car: Pennsylvania or Indiana?

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What state is best to buy a car: Pennsylvania or Indiana?

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by lynn.runolfsdottir , 5 months ago


The "best" state to buy a car can vary depending on several factors such as cost, availability, taxes, and regulations. Here are some considerations for both Pennsylvania and Indiana:


  1. Taxes and Fees: Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax on automobiles, which can increase the overall cost of the car.
  2. Availability: Pennsylvania has numerous car dealerships and a large selection of new and used vehicles on the market.
  3. Insurance: Pennsylvania generally has higher insurance premiums compared to other states.
  4. Regulations: Pennsylvania requires emissions testing for vehicles in certain counties, which may add additional costs or requirements.


  1. Taxes and Fees: Indiana's sales tax on automobiles is 7%, which is higher than Pennsylvania's.
  2. Availability: Indiana also has a good number of car dealerships and a range of vehicle options.
  3. Insurance: Indiana generally has lower insurance premiums compared to several states.
  4. Regulations: Indiana does not require emissions testing for vehicles.

Ultimately, the best state to buy a car between the two would depend on your specific preferences and circumstances. It is recommended to consider factors like sales tax, availability, insurance rates, and any additional regulations that may affect your car purchase.