What types of savings accounts does Capital One offer?

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What types of savings accounts does Capital One offer?

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Capital One offers a range of savings accounts to meet different needs, including:

  1. 360 Performance Savings: This account offers a high APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and no monthly fees. It is designed for individuals looking to grow their savings with competitive interest rates.
  2. Kids Savings Account: Specifically designed for children, this account aims to teach them the importance of saving money from an early age. It offers no fees, a high APY, and tools to help kids track their progress.
  3. 360 IRA Savings: This Individual Retirement Account (IRA) savings account allows individuals to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis. It provides competitive yields and the option to choose between Traditional or Roth IRA options.
  4. Business Savings Account: Designed for small businesses, this savings account offers competitive interest rates, no monthly fees, and access to online and mobile banking services.

These are some of the popular savings account options offered by Capital One, but they may have additional account options or variations depending on specific customer needs and geographic location.