Which state is better to move in: Iowa or Oklahoma?

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Which state is better to move in: Iowa or Oklahoma?

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The answer to the question of which state is better to move to, Iowa or Oklahoma, will largely depend on individual preferences and priorities. Here are some factors to consider for each state:


  1. Economy: Iowa has a diverse economy, with strong sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The state consistently ranks high in terms of employment rates.
  2. Education: Iowa has highly regarded educational institutions, including the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. It ranks well in educational outcomes and has good public schools.
  3. Quality of life: Iowa is known for its safe and friendly communities. It has a low cost of living, affordable housing options, and a strong sense of community.
  4. Natural beauty: Iowa has beautiful rural landscapes, rolling hills, and numerous state parks, making it appealing for outdoor activities.


  1. Economy: Oklahoma has a diverse economy, with sectors such as energy, agriculture, aerospace, and finance being prominent. The state is often referred to as the "Energy Capital of the World."
  2. Lower taxes: Oklahoma generally has lower taxes, including a modest income tax rate, which can be attractive for those seeking to keep their cost of living lower.
  3. Cultural attractions: Oklahoma has a rich heritage, including a strong Native American presence. There are various cultural attractions, such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and a vibrant arts scene.
  4. Natural beauty: Oklahoma offers diverse landscapes, from the Great Plains in the west to the Ozark Mountains in the east. Additionally, the state has multiple national parks and lakes, providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ultimately, the decision between Iowa and Oklahoma will depend on personal preferences and factors such as employment opportunities, cost of living, educational institutions, and natural beauty that align with one's priorities.