How does the condo association handle pest control and landscaping?

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How does the condo association handle pest control and landscaping?

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The approach of a condo association regarding pest control and landscaping may vary depending on the specific association's policies and governing documents. However, here are some common approaches:

Pest Control:

  1. Professional Services: Condo associations often hire professional pest control companies to regularly inspect, treat, and prevent pest infestations in common areas and often in individual units.
  2. Regular inspections: The association may conduct routine inspections to identify any signs of pest problem and take necessary action.
  3. Communication: Residents are encouraged to promptly report any pest issues to the management or board so that appropriate action can be taken.
  4. Education and Prevention: Associations may provide educational materials or host workshops to educate residents about preventing pest infestations and maintaining cleanliness in their units.


  1. Hiring professional landscapers: Condo associations generally hire professional landscaping companies to maintain lawns, gardens, and common area landscape.
  2. Regular maintenance: Landscapers are responsible for regular mowing, t*******, fertilizing, and weeding.
  3. Seasonal care: Landscapers may provide seasonal maintenance such as planting flowers in spring, leaf removal in autumn, and preparing plants for winter.
  4. Tree care: Associations may hire arborists to inspect and maintain trees on the property, including pruning, t*******, and removal if necessary.
  5. Budgeting: The association includes landscaping expenses in the budget and may allocate funds for special projects or enhancements like garden renovations or landscape improvements.

Overall, the condo association's board of directors or property management company handles these tasks based on the association's policies and the decisions made by the board in consultation with residents.