How to change your Shopify domain name?

How to change your Shopify domain name?

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by jaron , 5 months ago


To change your Shopify domain name, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Go to "Online Store" in the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click on "Domains".
  4. In the "Shopify-managed domains" section, you will see your current domain name. Click on the "Manage" button beside it.
  5. In the domain settings, under the "Primary domain" section, click on the "Change primary domain" button.
  6. Enter the new domain name that you want to change to. Shopify will check its availability.
  7. If the new domain name is available, click on the "Change domain" button.
  8. You will see a prompt asking you to confirm the change. Click on "Change domain" again to proceed.
  9. Shopify will update your domain name, and it may take a few minutes to apply the changes.
  10. Once the changes are made, verify that your new domain name is active and working correctly by opening your online store using the new domain name.

Note: If you purchased your original domain through Shopify, the annual fee for the new domain name will be added to your next bill. If you have purchased your domain through a third-party provider, make sure to update your DNS settings accordingly.