What are the options for opening a joint account at Citizens Financial Group?


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What are the options for opening a joint account at Citizens Financial Group?

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Citizens Financial Group offers various options for opening a joint account. The specific options and requirements may vary based on the type of account you are interested in, such as a checking account, savings account, or certificate of deposit (CD). Here are a few common ways to open a joint account at Citizens Financial Group:

  1. In-person at a branch: Visit a local Citizens Bank branch and speak with a representative. They will guide you through the account opening process, provide information on account types, and help you complete the required paperwork. Both account holders will typically need to be present and provide identification documents.
  2. Online application: Citizens Financial Group may allow joint account opening through their online platform. Visit their official website, navigate to the account section, and look for an option to open a joint account. Fill out the necessary information for both account holders, provide identification details, and complete any required steps.
  3. Phone application: Contact Citizens Financial Group's customer service or a dedicated hotline for account opening. Request to open a joint account and follow the instructions provided by the representative. They will likely guide you through the application process, gather required information from both account holders, and assist with any additional steps.

It is always recommended to contact Citizens Financial Group directly, either through their website, phone, or a nearby branch, to find out the specific options, procedures, and documentation required for opening a joint account as they could vary based on your location and account type preferences.